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By writing this blog I hope you will see that being a scientist is not about being the smartest person in the room, and that you can be a scientist and still love TV, gin and cake.

I hope that we can journey together and collaborate. Science is made not just by scientists but by all of us working together to make the world a better place.

Posts from March 2023

Posts from February 2023

Should I Stay or Should I Go Now? Why decision-making linked to projects and roles requires us to flex as we grow 27th February

Developing the Courage to Stand Tall: Time to ignore the fear and realise it’s OK to stand out 17th February

Pinching Myself Again: Switching out Dr for Professor 13th February

Guest Blog by Lilian Chiwera: Surgical site infection prevention day initiatives – making change now to help tomorrow 3rd February

Posts from January 2023

I Keep Running Up That Hill: Why is it that the email mountain never gets any smaller? 27th January

The Sound of Deadlines Rushing Past: Surviving in a world where deadlines are constant and there’s never enough time 13th January

Welcome to 2023: Here’s a toast to being open to the unexpected in the 12 months ahead 4th January

Posts from December 2022

Farewell 2022: Looking back and reflecting on how we can be our own most unreliable witness 31st December

Merry Christmas, One and All 25th December

It’s Not All Bad in the World of Infection Prevention and Control: The most wonderful time of the year is approaching! 22nd December

Guest Blog by Phillipa Burns: Part 2, the view from the finish line 19th December

Mouth Open Should Be Shut: My challenges with openly contributing to meetings and the fear of oversharing 16th December

IPC on Tour: Reflections from the big apple 12th December

Guest Blog by Karen Barclay-Elliott: Life, the universe and surviving FRCPath part 1 2nd December

Posts from November 2022

Your Wish is My Demand: Here are some of my tips for sitting MRCPath in Micro/Viro 29th November

The Trials and Tribulations of High Stakes Assessments: How I still remember everything about FRCPath 25th November

Am I a Writer Yet? Two years in, over 100 posts and finally finding my feet 17th November

Guest Blog by Jade Lambert: Choosing your next steps as a Healthcare Scientist – Why an integrated biology masters may be the right choice 11th November

Guest Blog from Daniel Nash: Placements make the world go round – why placements are so important for HCS students 4th November

Posts from October 2022

Changing of the Guard: When your mentor leaves and you have very large shoes to fill 28th October

Guest Blog by Dr Claire Walker: The Power of Yes – Why it’s important to spend the weekends doing Science Outreach, and taking up catering as a hobby 26th October

You Can’t Be Liked by Everyone: Embracing the inevitability of not being everyone’s cup of tea 17th October

Speaking Truth to Power: Learning the hard truth of when science and politics collide 10th October

Clothes Maketh the Man or Do They? Why I want my clothes to show me, not some version of who I should be 4th October

Posts from September 2022

Clarity is Key: The role of learning agreements in supporting learner success 28th September

Happy but Struggling: Welcome to my third year of the SARS CoV2 pandemic 23rd September

Surviving Your Viva: My top 10 tips for oral exams 16th September

Guest Blog: Claire and Sam take over the Environment Network 9th September

More Than the Sum of Our Grades: Why academic success only tells part of the story 2nd September

Posts from August 2022

Stepping Up and Stepping Out: Making the shift into a senior role 19th August

Keeping Up With the Joneses: The dangers of benchmarking success against social media 15th August

Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Your K score and the uneasy relationship between science and science communication 12th August

The Power of Winning: Why I think the reason you are playing the game is as important as the outcome 10th August

Posts from July 2022

Guest Blog from Francis Yongblah: What does it mean to march with Pride and why is it still so important? 29th July

Delving Into Risk Assessment: Thoughts on how to develop tools that may guide your thinking 25th July

Environmental Matters: Why are environmental risk assessments so tricky? 18th July

Children Are Not Small Adults: Why infection prevention and control in paediatrics really is different 11th July

The Second Year Slump: understanding the ups and downs of doing a PhD 4th July

Posts from June 2022

You Can’t Please Everyone: Why I try to remember the rule of thirds 28th June

Celebrating National Pathology Week: What is a Trust Lead Healthcare Scientist? 26th June

Celebrating National Pathology Week: What is a clinical microbiologist? 25th June

Guest Blog from Anthony De Souza: From lab to educator, finding a new direction 24th June

Celebrating National Pathology Week: What is a clinical academic? 22nd June

Guest Blog Dr Claire Walker: The Clinical Academic Path – From the Lab to the Lectern 20th June

Scientists as Educators: Why I believe all scientists should invest time in understanding pedagogical principles 13th June

Responding With Grace: The art of learning to take a complement 6th June

Daring to Be Imperfect: Celebrating the joys of imperfection 4th June

Posts from May 2022

Wearing My Quitter Badge With Pride: Why FOMO can damage your health 23rd May

If Not You Then Who? Why seizing the opportunities that come your way is so important 6th May

Conference Season Is Upon Us: Top tips for anyone who struggles with networking 2nd May

FRCPath Notes: Some notes on organism identification and antimicrobials in case useful for others 2nd May

Posts from April 2022

Girlymicro’s 100th Post: What I’ve learnt in my 1st year as a consultant 4th April

Posts from March 2022

Prioritising the Needs of the Many: Great communicators let the message do the talking 31st March

An Homage to Douglas Adams: Reaching 42 and therefore becoming the answer to life the universe and everything 15th March

I’m Not Lucky, I’m a Badass: The importance of owning your success 14th March

Two Years On and Responding to Changes in SARS CoV2 Guidance: What can you do now to impact your transmission risk 12th March

How Do We Stop, When the Person We Are Competing Against is Ourselves? 6th March

Posts from February 2022

I Rarely ‘Feel’ Well: Let’s talk about health privilege in the time of COVID-19 and why SARS CoV2 solutions are not ‘simple’ 20th February

When Heroes Fall: How the intersection between fandom and public health can change who you root for 13th February

Celebrating International Day of Women and Girls in Science Day: A view from the Girly Side 11th February

Guest Blog by Katy Heaney: Pathology: hidden service or hiding? Lets stop being shy 7th February

Posts from January 2022

Guest Blog by Nicola Baldwin: Where Is Everybody? Patient and public involvement in the time of pandemic 30th January

Guest Blog from Sam Watkin: Starting a PhD in a Pandemic 17th January

50 Shades of Grey: The realities of working in Infection Prevention and Control 10th January

Turning a Day Dream into a Reality: Trying out a technique to make concrete steps towards a secret ambition 3rd January

Girlymicro 2021: A Year in Review 1st January

Posts from December 2021

Time for Some Real Talk: I have the best job in the world & even I don’t know how much more I can take 13th December

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder?: My month spent with shingles and the Varicella Zoster virus 11th December

Posts from November 2021

Changing Our Pathways: What are T-Levels and why should I care about them? 23rd November

Guest Book Review by Dr Julie Winnard: How Bad Are Bananas? by Mike Berners Lee 17th November

Guest Book Review by Dr Claire Walker: Girl One by Sara Flannery Murphy 12th November

Celebrating National Pathology Week: What is a clinical microbiologist? 4th November

Posts from October 2021

Saturday Morning Zombies: how infection is portrayed in the genre 30th October

Some Days All We Control Is Ourselves: How to respond when things don’t go to plan 28th October

Lets Talk About Wellness: Is it just me whose struggling to engage with wellness programmes? 22nd October

Laboratory Testing for SARS CoV2 (COVID-19): Is all testing the same and why should I care? 16th October

Happy Birthday Girlymicrobiologist Blog: One year on what I have learnt about writing a blog? 11th October

Healthcare Science Education 2021: Innovation in Education 5th October

Embarking on My 17th Year as a Healthcare Scientist: What have I learnt? 3rd October

Posts from September 2021

A Trip Down Memory Lane: Top tips I’ve learnt over 20 years of event organising 23rd September

Guest Blog Dr Claire Walker: From academia to the bench, and back again. An immunologists journey 16th September

What I Did On My Holidays: Or the benefits of taking some away from it all 10th September

Keeping Things in Perspective: My attempt at seeing the glass as half full with a list of pandemic positives 4th September

Posts from August 2021

Knowing Your Why: Why I’m passionate about how we talk with our paediatric patients 29th August

Things I Wish I’d Known When I Was a Trainee: My top ten tips for making the most of your journey 28th August

Fulfilling A Promise: Why we need to talk about whether we are actually delivering on patient centred care 11th August

Hello Shame Spiral, My Old Friend: The warning signs that I need rest and space to reflect 6th August

Guest Blog by Kip Heath: Awards: Why nominate others? 4th August

Posts from July 2021

Coming to Terms With Not Being Superwoman: My turbulent journey towards work life balance July 31st

Just One More Sleep: Why ‘Freedom Day’ doesn’t feel like Christmas to those in infection prevention July 18th

It’s Time to Talk About the F Word……. Not that F word. We need to talk about failure July 14th

What’s Your Get Psyched Mix? How I use music to support my work July 9th

What It’s Like To Know Too Much (Whilst Still Not Enough): The Difficulties of Having Health Conversations Outside of Your Day Job July 4th

Posts from June 2021

Talking About the Taboos: My Journey to being an ‘Obstinate Headstrong Girl’ Whilst Working in Science June 29th

Guest Blog from Francis Yongblah, Kip Heath and Anthony De Souza: Healthcare Scientists celebrating Pride month and why visibility is still so important! June 28th

Guest Blog by Dr Claire Walker: My top 3 reasons for picking immunology June 18th

Guest Blog by Dr Claire Walker: Did you hear the one about the consultant microbiologist who hosted a digital festival? June 11th

All of the Rise of the Resistance Festival Content in One Place. Come visit and laugh, cry and sing along! June 6th

Posts from May 2021

What Is Antimicrobial Resistance and What Might It Mean for Me? May 31st

Roll Up Roll Up: Join us for a host of events running on the 3/4/5 June as part of the Rise of the Resistance Festival May 31st

Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts? How professional diversity supports impact by Infection Prevention teams May 23rd

Dealing with Writer’s Block: How I write When it’s the Last Thing I Want to Do May 15th

A Pandemic is a Marathon Not a Sprint: Find the things that re-energise you to carry on fighting the good fight May 9th

Surviving as an Infection Scientist During a Pandemic: The challenges of bringing your work home with you May 3rd

Posts from April 2021

Guest Book Review by John Dodd: The Science of Storytelling April 17th

Talking About the Taboos: What Its Like to Be Childless in Your 30s and 40s April 8th

Its Been A Long Road To Get Here but the Journey Is Part of the Learning: My hopes and fears on starting my first Consultant role April 5th

Laboratory Testing for SARS CoV2 (COVID-19): Is all testing the same and why should I care? April 3rd

Posts from March 2021

Why I Think You Should Say Yes to New Experiences (and my foray into life drawing) March 27th

Guest Book Review by Dr Claire Walker: Oryx and Crake by Margret Atwood March 26th

I Asked Twitter for Interview Tips and These are Some of the Great Responses I Received! March 20th

Celebrating Mothers Day by Talking About How My Mum Has Contributed to the World of Science March 14th

Why I Went Through the Equivalence Process and Why I think it’s Important as a Lead Healthcare Scientist to Lead By Example March 9th

It’s Recruitment Season in Healthcare Science and Academia: What have I learnt which might help March 8th

My Best Science Comes from a Cup of Tea: My top tip for Healthcare Science Week March 7th

Planned Events for Healthcare Science Week 2021: Join us if you’re three or ninety three March 1st

Posts from February 2021

The Fear of Next Steps: Should I stay or should I go now February 19th

Celebrating International Day of Women and Girls in Science Day: A view from the Girly side February 11th

The Things I Love Best About Working in Infection Prevention and Control February 9th

Guest Blog by Dr Steve Cross: The Science of Space February 5th

Posts from January 2021

Call for Lay Members to Support the Healthcare Infection Society – Contact us to find out more! January 28th

We Are All in the Same Storm but are Existing in Very Different Boats January 25th

Guest Blog by Dr Claire Walker: A clinical immunologists thoughts on lateral flow antibody testing for SARS CoV2 January 23rd

Book Review: What I Love About the Science in the Newsflesh Series by Mira Grant January 23rd

Posts from December 2020

Dr Cloutman-Green B.E.M. Who thought things like this could happen to someone as normal as me (hint, not I) December 31st

Dreams in the Time of COVID-19: Science meets art December 30th

My Sunday Afternoon Rage – The mask goes over the nose people! December 29th

I Passed my PhD 6 Years Ago This Week: what tips do I have for those who are in the process December 12th

What Is Antimicrobial Resistance and What Might It Mean for Me December 4th

A Short Post Written for my Facebook Friends on the Welcome News of the Approval of a SARS CoV2 Vaccine December 4th

Musings for my Facebook Friends on SARS CoV2 Testing December 4th

Posts from November 2020

Awards Season is Almost Over – Not Quite the Oscars but Still….. November 27th

The Nosocomial Project November 25th

Why I Think It’s Important to Talk About Failure (and other stories of imposter syndrome) November 20th

Guest Blog: Victoria Heath November 12th

Saturday Morning Zombies: how infection is portrayed in the genre November 6th

Celebrating National Pathology Week: What is a clinical microbiologist? November 4th

Remember, Remember: See the play, read the script and do the activities here! November 2nd

Posts from October 2020

Quality Control in Scientific Publishing – what is it actually like to review papers? October 30th

A Week With Antimicrobial Resistance on My Mind October 30th

Remember Remember. Step back in time to save the King October 27th

A Starter for 10 on Antimicrobials October 16th

Science Communication: Reflections from an Ivory Tower October 15th

Adventures in Science Communication – stand up comedy edition October 12th

Writing and Publishing Scientific Papers – Is it as hard as it seems? October 11th

Why Have I Waited 5 Years? October 11th

Posts from Before October 2020

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