Hello world!

So, this is my first ever blog post. Bear with me as I don’t really know what I’m doing.

I’m what is know as a Clinical Scientist and I work in Infection Control.


Most people don’t know what a Clinical Scientist is so I thought I should briefly explain.

Most scientists that work within hospitals are involved with imaging (X-rays, CTs etc) or processing patient samples.  We all work to support diagnosing patients.  Did you know that scientists are involved with >80% of all diagnoses within the NHS?  Their work is crucial to improving patient care, but the scientists are often unsung heroes as they often never meet the patients they help.

I do not work in the lab all the time like many scientists.  I’m a clinical scientist, so half my time is spent working in a patient facing role within infection control and the other half involves bringing science to infection control to make it more efficient/evidence based. I work within a hospital with a team comprised of nurses, doctors and scientists.  I have a PhD in infection control. I am also working towards my final clinical qualification (Fellowship of the Royal College of Pathologists) which is the same as my medical colleagues.  My job is to help the translation of the science into a form that healthcare professionals can work with.  Sometimes this means working with language so we are all on the same page. Other times this means working with the latest science and technology and developing new tests that will help.

I’m passionate about my job, but I’m also aware that many people don’t know that it exists and I’m hoping that this blog will help to change that.  I plan to share a bit about what my day to day life is like as well as the science which I hope will inspire others to become healthcare scientists. After all, I have the greatest job in the world. And that is worth shouting about.

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