Call for Lay Members to Support the Healthcare Infection Society – Contact us to find out more!

An opportunity to get involved in case any of you have a wish to apply.

Are you a patient or carer who has lived experience of healthcare infection?

Waterborne bacteria are common in hospitals. While these bacteria may not be a threat to the majority of the patients, they pose a serious threat to those who are more vulnerable. Healthcare Infection Society (HIS) is currently in a process of developing guidelines for prevention and management of waterborne infection and are looking for lay members to join their panel of experts. Lay members offer a different point of view from the people who provide or commission services.

HIS uses the NICE definition of ‘lay member’ to refer to a member of a committee who has personal experience of using health or care services, or is from a community affected by the topic area. A lay member can also be someone with experience as an unpaid carer, an advocate, or a member or officer of a voluntary organisation.

HIS is a charity (no.1158172) whose objectives are to advance knowledge of, foster scientific interest in, and disseminate information about the prevention and control of hospital and other healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs), to medical and allied professionals for public benefit.

Please contact Dr Elaine Cloutman-Green or Dr Aggie Bak for further information and details of how to apply for the role.

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